Patchwork Hub announced No.1 Disability Startup 2021

Patchwork Hub announced No.1 Disability Startup 2021

TechRound Lists Patchwork Hub as Their Top Disability Startup to Watch in 2021!

As July is Disability Awareness Month, TechRound recently announced their Top 17 Disability Startups to Watch in 2021 list, in which Patchwork Hub was chosen by their internal team as the top Disability Startup to Watch in 2021.

They defined a Disability Startup as a startup that aims to better the lives of those who identify as disabled through the creation of products/services, implementation of legislation, and raising of awareness of the needs of disabled people. The criteria that TechRound’s internal team used to decide upon the order for the list included: the clarity of the message that was being portrayed, the quality and usability of the products/services offered, and the potential for the startup to bring about active change.

Becca Donaldson, Reporter at TechRound, commented:

“It’s been absolutely amazing to be able to showcase such incredible Disability Startups in our list - each and every one helps to make the world a more accessible and disability-friendly place. These startups have benefitted so many people so we thought it was important to give them the recognition they deserve. Some amazing startups were included in our list, such as WelcoMe Powered By Neatebox, and amongst others, Limitless Travel.”

Commenting specifically on Patchwork Hub, Becca said:

“Patchwork Hub was judged as the Top Disability Startup to Watch in 2021 by our internal team for their dedication to making the world of work accessible to all. Their employment platform that combines remote working and accessibility, alongside their belief that being unable to work in an office does not equate to a lack of skills, determination, or ability summarised everything we set out in our criteria for judging. A massive congratulations to Beth and everyone at Patchwork Hub!”

To See the Full Top 17 Disability Startups List, Please Visit TechRound. For Comments or Questions, Please Contact TechRound or Becca on LinkedIn.

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