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A UK registered charity and trading company that offers loans, grants and other financial products to charities and social enterprises. We support charities and social enterprises to build stronger and fairer communities. We offer funding and flexible, adaptive support to the organisations that make up the social economy, providing them with the tools they need to make a positive difference to the communities they work within. 

Since 2002, we have worked with hundreds of social enterprises and charities to provide finance and support that empowers and enables them to do what they do best and make an impact. SIB has long had a unique role in the UK’s social investment landscape. We have fulfilled the role of pioneering investor, support provider, wholesaler, partner and co-investor, and, through direct working relationships with everyone in the market, we have increasingly bolstered its leading position in knowledge and influence. We also host key cross-sector initiatives that work toward the betterment of the social investment market, including the Social Investment Forum, the Diversity Forum, and the Equality Impact Investing Project. 

From our beginnings in 2002, to setting up the Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund and its successor the Recovery Loan Fund launched during the Covid-19 crisis, every fund is delivered with the same goal in mind: to support the social economy in creating a more sustainable, resilient and equal society.


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