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About Us

Hey, I am Dave the founder of Weather Flare, as someone with a Disability  we are a small company looking to grow and help as many people as we can by informing people with long term health conditions the affects the weather could have on their conditions. As well as this we gather information from each user of the application to health us improve it, help researchers into medical conditions and help workforces be aware of the issues their staff members are going through. There are many other elements to the Mobile Application, I would be happy to discuss further.

Our Company’s Commitment and Work Culture

As the Founder of Weather Flare, being from a mixed raced background and with a rare Disability, I know of the struggles of trying to fit into a normal 9 to 5 working environment. It\'s my belief that work should fit round you and not the other way round. I understand the need for rests, appointments and generally having an off day and believe, staff will be more productive and have a greater sense of achievement knowing they are in an understanding environment. Living in Brighton, I have worked and met people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world and the LBGTQ+ communities. My previous background has been working with young adults and children with different mental or physical needs and have adapted myself to their needs, not trying to get them to fit in a supposed normal society. I would like people to be themselves, in a safe, fun, productive environment, whether Face to Face or Online. The Business is made by someone with a disability for people with disabilities or long term conditions so hiring staff that it will benefit will only help to improve it. 


We are committed to supporting our employees with disabilities or long- term conditions by taking steps to remove barriers that disabled employees may face at work. Some examples of support we can offer include

  1. Options to be home-based (remote working)
  2. Alteration of working hours / Flexible working


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