I have a disability, do I need to disclose this?

You do not need to disclose your disability or health condition, it is completely up to you. As a disabled team, we know how difficult this

decision can be. Our platform is designed so you feel comfortable disclosing your disability or any adjustments you might need.

This allows employers to better support you and helps to remove barriers in the recruitment process. 

At Patchwork Hub, we are working to reform the recruitment space to make it more accessible and to integrate disabled

people and people with long-term health conditions into our 'new' model of work. We want you to find work that meets your needs.

We always seek to work with inclusive employers who are committed to accessibility. So you should feel able to share your disability

but onyour own terms. If you have any concerns you can contact us. We are a small but dedicated team here to support you.


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