How do we start using Patchwork Hub?

How do we start using Patchwork Hub?

To start using Patchwork Hub, sign up to create a free Patchwork Hub account.

You’ll need to enter some account details, and details about your organisation. Once you’ve hit Continue to create your account, simply verify your email by selecting the link in the email you’ll receive once you’ve signed up. Your account will then be ready to use. 

Choose your membership.

At Patchwork Hub, we offer a range of packages to satisfy your hiring needs. This includes our New Customer Welcome Offer, one off job posts, and Monthly and Annual Partnership Packages. These can be seen on our Pricing Packages page.  Here you can choose the offer that works best for you.

Next complete your company public profile.

Your Company Profile is where you will tell potential candidates and our wider network about your company. You should share your beliefs and aims, as well as what you might expect from employees. Use this page to tell our professionals and partners about the company and the kind of work you do. You can also share a bit about your company culture and values. Your company profile is your ‘shop window’ to the world and attracts candidates to want to work with you. Make sure that all mandatory fields are completed.

Upload Jobs

Once your profile is complete (and you’ve purchased your membership package), you’re ready to post jobs! You should include information about the position, the salary or pay, and explain what the following steps in the recruitment process will be.


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