How to search for a permanent job

How to search for a permanent job

Searching for a permanent job on Patchwork Hub is easy:

  • To start your search, visit the Patchwork Hub home page.

  • The first thing you will see is Browse Jobs in the header.

  • Once you are on the Job Search page, type in the job title of roles you wish to apply for (e.g. ‘Teaching’). If you do not know what roles you wish to apply for, leave this blank for the moment.

  • Depending upon the type of work you are looking for, you can also select your location. This can be kept nationwide (e.g. United Kingdom) or you can be more specific. To find your location, select the Select Location field and start typing your location.

  • Alternatively, you can also click on any of the job categories listed underneath the search bar.

  • Once you have searched for your keyword, use the filters on the left to narrow down your search - from job type, to project length etc. If you’re looking for a permanent role, make sure to tick the permanent options under Job type.

  • If you come across a job that you’re interested in, select the job profile to find out more. From here you can either apply or save the opportunity to come back to it another time.

Best of luck in your job search! If you need any help & advice on how to write a killer CV or make your cover letter stand out, visit Applying for a job in our Help and Support Centre.


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