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Patchwork Hub is an accessible employment platform and provider of training and consultancy services.

We are a disabled-led business. Our platform enables a 'hidden talent pool', from disabled people through to carers and parents, to find work and thrive.

Alongside helping employers to attract skilled talent, we support employers in all aspects of disability inclusion, from attraction to recruitment and retention of staff. This effectively supports ED&I and CSR policies, while also helping employers to realise the business benefits of inclusive practices and become recognised as Disability Confident employers.

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A man and woman look towards a computer screen together

A better way of working

It’s time to connect employers to the missing piece they are looking for.

The world of work has changed. Our model of work has not.

The future of work is remote and ‘skills-based’. However, most current solutions focus on ‘fitting’ people back into the conventional workplace. Why not create a workspace that fits around people?

A man and woman look towards a computer screen together
A woman with a prosthetic arm works on her laptop on the sofa

An impactful solution

We are a disabled-led social enterprise, contributing the majority of profits to our social mission and a fast-growing global community.

A community united by the circumstances that once excluded them.

Our Mission

  • To promote opportunities that enable our community to thrive.

  • To 'patch' the talent gap and promote decent work for all, working to close the disability employment gap.

  • To ensure that disabled people are fully integrated into the future model of work, front and centre of the change.

  • To centralise opportunities, expert training and community support for any individual able and willing to work.

  • To empower employers in leading a cultural change in work, health and accessibility.

By providing a hub of centralised remote-based work opportunities, expert training, community and resources, we support professionals and employers to upskill themselves and discover a better way of working.

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Our Story


Patchwork Hub was born out of a realisation that traditional office-based work practices needlessly exclude many individuals who could thrive in work if they were given more flexibility to work in a way that fitted their circumstances.


Our founder, Beth Kume-Holland, started Patchwork Hub as a way to allow individuals to connect with more accessible work opportunities.


The global pandemic validated that a person can work effectively and produce astonishing results, even if they can’t leave their home.


We know that remote working works but one missing piece remains. There needs to be a mainstream recruitment solution that is accessible and inclusive for all. That's where Patchwork Hub comes in.


Too many people are forced to choose between working unsustainably or becoming unemployed.


When our founder’s chronic health conditions left her unemployed, it was through disability advocacy work and meeting others in the same position that she developed the vision for Patchwork Hub.


Since then, we’ve grown into a disabled-led, certified social enterprise.




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