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Add an accessibility statement to your job post

We are committed to ensuring that our recruitment processes are barrier-free and as inclusive as possible for everyone. We particularly welcome applications from disabled applicants. This includes making adjustments for people who have a disability or long-term health condition. If you would like us to do anything differently during the application process, such as apply in an alternative format, please let us know before you apply or contact our hiring manager through the details provided above.

    best practice!

  • When filling in your public profile, don’t forget to show our professionals and partners your company’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility. Show candidates that you’re a company welcoming disabled applicants by ticking our examples of support you can offer.
  • We recommend your job description clearly follows the following structure:
    • • Introduction
      • Role Purpose
      • About You
        ○ Essential Criteria and Desirable Criteria, stated separately
        ○ Main Tasks and Responsibilities
      • Recruitment process (including contact details)
      • Accessibility Statement
  • Please ensure that you have provided a phone number and email address, so candidates can contact you with any accessibility needs. These can be listed in the job post or your hiring manager profile.
  • To find out more about improving your recruitment processes, we have a range of support articles for you to explore. See Designing accessible job roles, How to write an accessible job description and Patchwork Hub's standards for job descriptions or head to our Help and Support Centre.
  • Want to take your commitment to accessibility further but not sure what to do next? Become a member of Patchwork Hub today. Our expert mentors are experienced in creating an accessible workplace, and our team all have lived experience of disability. Contact us to arrange your introductory training session.


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