Can I work as a Freelancer?

Can I work as a Freelancer?

You can search for freelance roles using our Patchwork Hub website. To do this, simply select Freelance in the job type of our Find Jobs page.

Please ensure that you’re happy with a freelance contract arrangement, and the expectations that come with it. These roles may mean there are different benefits, entitlements, and payments. As a freelancer, you would be considered self-employed.

Remember: Since 6th April 2021, new changes to off-payroll working have come into practice in the UK. This legislation is known as IR35 and it’s important you or your organisation understand what these changes may mean. Find out more about the new rules and what these changes mean.

Soon, Patchwork Hub will be launching a remote working platform for freelancers. So keep an eye out for this if you’re looking for more freelance opportunities!


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