How to create your company’s public profile

How to create your company’s public profile

To create a public profile, first go to your dashboard. We recommend that you do this as early as you can to attract applicants for your jobs and so your account and job posts can be approved as quickly as possible.

Think of the public profile like a ‘shop window’. It’s an opportunity to let potential candidates know what your company is like and what it’s like to work there. We recommend sharing a bit about the work culture and your company’s commitment to accessible working. For example, if you’ve identified any problems caused by COVID-19 and how you’ve adapted.

You can also tell potential candidates why you have chosen to use Patchwork Hub and why accessibility and inclusion are important to you. Just like candidates will sell themselves to you, use the profile to sell your business to candidates!

What is the company profile?

The company profile is like a ‘shop window’. It’s normally created by the employer who posts the job, for example, the hiring manager. It’s a public profile which shows employees, candidates and other companies information about your company. It’s an opportunity to show your values and beliefs, what you do, and appeal to possible candidates. Candidates can find out information about the company here. You can also link to other relevant websites or pages.

The Patchwork Hub company profile, with the logo in the top lest, a short description below this and contact details below that. In the centre is a longer description about the company

A company profile and job adverts can also be posted by Patchwork Hub or a third-party recruiter on behalf of a company. This will be shown on the advert underneath the company details. This ensures transparency and strengthens security measures for Patchworkers.

Can we help?

If you are a third-party recruiter wishing to recruit for more than one company, simply get in touch with one of our team to find out more about our recruiter packages.

If you are a company wishing to advertise jobs with us, we can take care of the entire process for you. If you would like Patchwork Hub to create and manage your company profile and job postings, simply get in touch via our contact form or email [email protected].


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