What information should I expect in a CV?

What information should I expect in a CV?

You can expect the usual CV fields from our applicants. For example, their relevant experience, skills, contact information, and education. However, please bear in mind that CVs are not ‘one size fits all’. CVs may not be the best way for our candidates to show their qualities and skills.

Candidates may have employment gaps due to caring responsibilities or their health. Also, candidates may have had limited career progression due to barriers they have faced. This should not disqualify them from your consideration. You should consider why a candidate might have employment gaps. They may share additional information explaining why, or they may not.

It’s important that you provide alternative ways for candidates to showcase their qualities and skills to your organisation. For example, cover letters, videos, or providing questions for candidates. This will help accommodate candidates’ additional requirements and accessibility needs. It also means you will not unintentionally exclude disabled candidates. This will ensure that candidates are able to show their best values and expertise to you and your organisation.


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