What should I do if I want to interview a candidate via video?

What should I do if I want to interview a candidate via video?

We very much recommend organising video interviews when following up directly with candidates. Video interviews ensure that a candidate is able to attend an interview which may not otherwise be accessible for them. This is particularly true if candidates may be required to travel for their interview.

Please take note and be mindful of whether they have asked for any reasonable adjustments. Candidates may find particular platforms (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet) more accessible than others, so this is worth checking. Some candidates, depending on their situation, may also require the interview questions in advance, or prefer to interview at a particular time of day rather than others. It’s important to check with the candidate whether they require any adjustments for the interview.

We also ask that you ensure that you’ve communicated what the further stages of the application process will involve. This enables candidates to let you know if they have any additional requirements, and ensures a more inclusive recruitment process.


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