What type of material can candidates submit to us?

What type of material can candidates submit to us?

Candidates can submit their CV/Resume as part of their application. They will also be invited to submit a cover letter or supporting statement when they apply for jobs. This is alongside providing answers to any screening questions you may have added to the job application.

Candidates with disabilities or long-term health conditions who may require additional adjustments within the recruitment process will also be invited to submit this information with their application.

We ask that employers state in their job post a brief overview of the further stages in the recruitment process (e.g. video interview followed by an on-site assessment). This helps candidates to know if they will require any accommodations/adjustments.

We also ask that employers’ job adverts include at least one alternative way of getting in touch with the hiring manager (e.g. a phone number or email address) in case a candidate is unable to apply through your preferred route and wishes to discuss another way of submitting their application.

Finally, all candidates are given the option of creating a Patchworker profile. Here, you can more easily view the credentials of the most engaged members of our Patchworker community.


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