Why should we use Patchwork hub?

Why should we use Patchwork hub?

The future of work is remote and skills-based. It’s about matching the right people to the work that needs to get done, not about how that work is done.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that people can work effectively, even if they can’t leave their homes. We know that remote working works, but one piece is still missing. There needs to be a mainstream recruitment solution that is accessible and inclusive for all.

That's where Patchwork Hub comes in. Patchwork Hub is a certified disabled-led social enterprise connecting employers with skilled professionals looking for remote-based work opportunities. Our Patchworkers have wide-ranging experience and expertise. While our employment platform is open to all, our skilled Patchworkers tend to come from a hidden talent pool. This means that their health or personal circumstances prevent them from working in a conventional way.

By joining us, you will demonstrate your commitment to accessibility and our wider mission.

Our Mission


  • To provide decent work for all (UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8) and ‘patch’ the talent gap.
  • To ensure that disabled people are fully integrated into the future model of work, acting as changemakers.
  • To empower employers in leading a cultural change in work, health and accessibility.
  • To provide remote work opportunities, expert training and community support for anyone able and willing to work.


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