About Company

We support people to be heard in decisions about their health, care and wellbeing. We’re an independent charity and one of the UK’s largest providers of advocacy and involvement services. We want to deliver the best possible quality of support to people so they are heard, respected, safe and in control of their own life. 

Our aim

We believe everyone has a right to;

-       be heard and respected

-       have the same choice, control, and freedom as any other person

-       be safe from violence, discrimination, harm or abuse

-       Everything we do is focused on achieving this aim.

Our vision

We will;

-       deliver the best possible quality of support

-       be the provider of choice for the services we offer

-       be the source of authority for expert insight on voice and rights

-       be the place to work or volunteer with, for anyone who shares our aims

Our strategy

What we’re doing to achieve our vision between now and 2025.

1. Diversify the services we offer

Advocacy is crucial but not the only tool people need to be heard and have their rights respected, so we’ll widen the range of services we offer that help achieve the same goal.

2. Improve our organisational capability

To do this we will focus on 5 areas;

1.     value our people - create an even more positive working culture and clearer opportunities for staff development and progression

2.     build the basics - increase clarity and consistency across all our standards, policies, systems and processes whilst maintaining person centred service delivery to individuals

3.     drive quality - improve our ability to evidence our impact and outcomes

4.     lead the market - reflect the high quality of our services in how we look and speak as an organisation and in the digital tools we offer


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