Our standards for job descriptions

Our standards for job descriptions

We have important guidelines that must be followed to ensure that your job advert is successfully published.

  • You must have a company profile. This profile must be filled in with essential information about your organisation. Through this we can verify authenticity.

  • Job adverts must be written in clear, plain English.

  • Use sub-headings and avoid long paragraphs.

  • Include an accessibility statement and alternative contact details.

  • Provide essential and desirable criteria, clearly distinguishing between the two.

For more help and advice on what to include, please visit our Template for job adverts page. Here, you can easily copy essential subheadings to use in your job advert. You will also find a template of an accessibility statement here.

Additional things to remember:

  • Information must be accurate, specific and detailed.

  • There must be no fee for the candidate.

  • Do not include offensive content. This includes information that is vulgar, sexual, or derogatory.

  • We do not allow discrimination. Candidates should be assessed on their values and skills.

Patchwork Hub reserves the right to reject or remove any job advert that does not meet our guidelines. If you have any questions about our guidelines, please get in touch.

These guidelines link to our wider accessibility commitment. Please visit our Accessibility page for more information.


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