Things to consider when sending candidates to apply on your website

Things to consider when sending candidates to apply on your website

If you’ve opted for candidates to apply directly through your website, it’s important to be aware of your website’s accessibility standards.

If a website is not accessible, our talented Patchworkers may be excluded from applying for your job. As an employer, this could also mean that you are missing out on the many benefits of recruiting from the hidden talent pool.

Take a look at our top tips to ensure that your website is as accessible as possible:

Structure your content

Break up your content where possible by using headers and bullet points. Additionally, write in plain English and keep your sentences to 20 words or fewer. This will make your website easier to navigate and digest. Here at Patchwork Hub we try to write our content to the Crystal Mark standard.

Allow users to adjust font size and contrast

It’s important to ensure that your content can be easily adapted to meet the needs of every user. For example, some people cannot read text if there is not enough contrast between the text and background. As part of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Level AAA requires a contrast ratio of at least 7:1 for normal text and 4.5:1 for large text. To check your contrast ratings, we use Webaim’s Contrast Checker.

Add alt text to all images

Alt text, or alternative text, describes an image for those with visual impairments and individuals using assistive technology. This allows screen readers to “read” the picture for candidates who are unable to see it.

Check that your site is keyboard-friendly

Many assistive technologies rely on keyboard-only navigation. It’s therefore important that your website has full keyboard accessibility.

Include an accessibility statement

An accessibility statement highlights your commitment to equality and diversity. It also makes people with disabilities feel more welcome. You can find an example of an accessibility statement that you can use yourself in our Template for job adverts article.

It’s worth noting that a certain level of web accessibility is now a legal requirement. If you would like advice/training on how to make your website more accessible, please get in touch.


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